Lagunitas – Imperial Stout

Man, it’s been a few weeks, but PubDrafts is back reviewing a new beer! We hope that you enjoyed our last two posts. Give us some feedback if there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed!

I just cracked open a bomber of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout. This is an unlimited release beer that I have never tried before. Talk about a great way to review something, right? The Imperial Stout comes in at a 9.9 percent ABV. I poured the beer into a pint glasses (a brand new one actually) so I could start the review process. Let’s start drinking!

Bottle Art:

I am a huge fan of Lagunitas Brewing Company and one thing that drew me to their beer, besides the taste of course, was the artwork on the bottles. It’s very simplistic. Big fonts are used and there’s a cute little dog on the bottle too that says “Doggone Good.” The color scheme for the Imperial Stout focuses mainly on a red and black typeface. Finally, each beer usually has a short little story and/or a few sentences written around the outside of the label. However, with this beer, there is actually a short story written on the side of it. Pretty funny stuff if you ask me. Finally, it’s actually a Russian Imperial Stout and there are two hammer and sickles on the label as well (not to be confused with the Russian hammer and sickle logo because they are flipped in terms of placement). If you check out the Lagunitas website, you can see a picture of the short story here.


This beer is as black as night. No light penetrates through to the other side and because of that, you know you’re in for a flavorful experience. After the pour, a little mocha colored head was left around the outer edges of the beer, giving a very heavy and stouty look. If I could use any random adjective to describe this beer, it would be stoic because I feel like it is just ready to give an all out battle to my taste buds.


Simply put, this beer smells amazing. I get a ton of dark chocolate smells as well as some maple smells, too. It’s a very loud smelling beer that is extremely decadent and makes my mouth water. This could very well be used for icing on a cake and it would be glorious. Upon further smells, I get whiffs of raisins, too. Yum.


Wow, talk about a flavor overload but in a good way. Once the beer first gets in your mouth and covers your taste buds with a little bit of a carbonated yet malty taste. But then, boom! The dark chocolate and coffee flavors permeate throughout your entire mouth and when you swallow, you get hit with the 9.9 percent ABV with most of the bitterness in the aftertaste. It’s a very smooth beer that has the perfect balance between the dark chocolate/coffee taste, the bitterness factor and the bite from the higher alcohol content. This beer also has a little bit of a dark fruit taste – definitely feel like there are some figs and dates involved; if those are fruits, of course. Definitely has a smoky taste to it after it sits on your palate for a while.


I’m not surprised at how great of the quality of this beer is. This is definitely one of the smoothest stouts that I’ve ever had but not the most flavorful stout. The Imperial Stout has such a great balance between each of the ingredients. It’s a very easy and drinkable stout that won’t leave your tummy feeling full. Overall, I would give this beer 4.5 stars out of 5. For the price and the taste of this beer, you cannot go wrong with it.

You can find Matt on Twitter @hamsterjockey and you can find him on Untappd here.

Author’s note: Lagunitas Brewing Company is one of my top three favorite breweries. I’m really excited that they opened up a brewery in Chicago because it is very close to where I’m from. I’m going to have to make a trip down there very soon! Besides this being the second PubDrafts post for me, it will also be my 600th check-in on Untappd and my 500th unique brew. Pretty excited about that! You can check out the website for Lagunitas here.


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